A Gas Fireplace Will Increase the Value of Your Home

A fireplace, even if never used for heating, is a big selling point for buyers and renters alike. Gas fireplaces are a wonderful choice because of their ease of use; they literally work with the flip of a switch.

Aesthetically, they are almost identical to wood burning fireplaces, and it is the looks and home-like quality of a fireplace that people love so much. A nice mantle will complete the appeal and liven up any room in your home.

With the cosmetic advantages being equal, a gas fireplace is the way to go. Cleaning up after a log-fueled fire is extremely messy, and if your floors are carpeted, you will spend a lot of time trying to remove soot and ash stains. Depending on the type of carpet or rugs in your home, this may prove impossible.

Wood burning fireplaces require a lot of work. Such as the gathering or chopping of wood, an elaborate fire starting process, constant vigilance to keep the fire going, and regular chimney sweeping. A gas fireplace is clean, efficient, and does not require chimney sweeping. Stopping the fire is as simple as flipping that switch in the opposite direction.

A wood fire has to burn itself out, and that will take many hours. Then the time consuming and tedious task of clean up begins. Wood burning fireplaces are great for a cabin or nature getaway, but gas fireplaces are simply more practical for a home or rental property.