Best Tips on How to Clean Fireplace Bricks

Fireplace bricks can become discolored over time due to exposure to fire, ash debris and smoke. This will obviously cause your fireplace to lose its natural beauty .Occasionally, you will need to restore your fireplace to its original glory to keep your house neat and well maintained.

The Following Are the Best Tips on How to clean Fireplace Bricks:

-Common Dish Soap and Water

This is an ideal method where the buildup on the brick fireplace is not so intense. Use slightly lathered water with a scrub brush, or elbow grease with a sponge, to clean the fireplace bricks. Dish soap is great for this job because it contains degreasers which makes it not to stain or disfigure the bricks or the grout.

-Water and Vinegar

Vinegar is an acidic mixture that is commonly used to clean stones, grout and bricks. Prepare a mixture of vinegar and water to the ratio of 1:1, and use a sponge or a spray bottle to apply the mixture to the fireplace. Let the mixture remain on the fireplace bricks for a few minutes to allow the acid to work. After this scrub and sponge your fireplace clean. Straight vinegar mixture can also be used although the smell can be overwhelming.

-Brick and Stone Cleaners  

These cleaners are sold by almost all home improvement stores. Cleaners which are specifically designed to deal with charcoal and soot build up in fireplaces are also available in these stores. The brands and types of these cleaners should not be a matter of concern to you because they all have the same application methods. You only need to mix them up according to the methods recommended by the manufactures, and follow the directions given for cleaning your fireplace bricks. In most cases, you only need to spray them on the bricks, scrub, and rinse with clean water until you are satisfied with the results.

Grout Cleaners

Where you find out that the soot has stained the grout, you may need to use a grout cleaner in addition to a stone and brick cleaner. You can mix the grout cleaner up as per the manufactures instructions, or apply it directly to the grout joints. Scrub with a toothbrush and then rinse with clean water.