Deciphering Wood Stove Types, Shapes, and Sizes

A wood stove is a clean and easy alternative to an indoor fireplace. Wood burning offers a quiet method of heating without the dependence of electricity. Your wood stove dealer will have a wide selection of options to choose from. Not just for cabins anymore; wood stoves come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to make the perfect fit for your home. 

Circulating Wood Stoves - Circulating wood stoves are essentially a standard wood burning stove with a fan. As air circulates over a heated area, it is warmed and then blown to other parts of the house. This can be especially helpful for heating a larger area, or areas with lots of drafts.

"Pot bellied" Wood Stoves - These stoves are also called radiant heaters. They were effective historically for both heating and cooking. The original pot bellied stoves were free standing cast iron material that could burn either wood or coal and radiate heat throughout the dwelling. Modern stoves have changed very little yet have improvements like newer style cook tops and ash emptying options.

"Franklin" or Combustion Stove - This type was Invented by Benjamin Franklin himself. The stove is a metal insert that more closely resembles a fireplace. Unlike a fireplace however, these stove inserts contain a hollow baffle. They also have a siphon that acts to reduce the amount of smoke involved with a traditional fireplace, but with all the heat.

Pellet Stove - Pellet stoves are another form of circulating wood stoves with one primary difference. These stoves do not take traditional logs or cord wood, but take fuel in the form of pellets made from sawdust. The pellets can be purchased at most lumber and building stores and are a clean and low maintenance option for those who don't want to chop wood outside. Keep in mind that pellets need to be stored in a dry location, or else they will revert to their sawdust form and be unusable in the stove. 

The best stove for your home mainly depends on your energy needs and space. Consult the fireplace experts to help you make the best choice.