Designing Your Fireplace Area

A fireplace in itself adds tremendous comforts and beauty to the room, but what can you do to enhance it even more than itself? The answer is quite simple. An installed fireplace that is mounted in the wall often has a mantel and a wall above it, allowing for endless possibilities with décor.

Mirrors are a great addition to the fireplace area. By placing mirrors above the mantel or utilizing mirror tiles on the wall above can make a significant impact on the view and quite possibly enlarge the feeling of the room. The reflections you see can decorate the wall alone.

A flat screen TV is also common above the mantel area, especially if the room has sofas and couches facing the fireplace.

Mantels can come in many forms, like wood, stone, tiles, etc. You can also decorate it with coverings like new tile or paint. For wood mantels, a fresh coat of stain or lacquer can make a world of difference. In some cases, the mantel goes all the way up the wall. For those situations, painting or adding some tile will enhance the appeal.

A picture is also common on the wall above the mantel to add a comforting tone and enhance the mood of the room.

When it comes to the mantel itself, flowers add a nice, colorful touch. Family pictures are also very common to place on top of the mantel and it is a great place to put them. Candelabras add to the mood with gorgeous décor. If you have ceramic figures, they also can add a nice touch.

Holidays bring other advantages, like stocking, garland, lights, etc. and in those situations, letting your imagination run free is a good thing. Unfortunately, you will have to take those items down after the holidays, which may be hard to do if you really like the look.

No matter what you do with your fireplace area to add décor, it will make the room look comforting and fashionable, while enhancing the theme of the room.