Dollars and Sense with Granite Fireplace Mantels

Most home buyers want a home with a fireplace, according to real estate industry experts. Surveys of prospective home buyers by the National Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reveal that the majority of home buyers want  a fireplace and are willing to pay more for a home with one.  This means that now is the perfect time to add value to your home by upgrading your old fireplace with granite fireplace mantels and surrounds.

Natural stone mantel benefits:

  • Increase your home resale value
  • Greater durability and lasting eye appeal
  • Naturally fire and heat resistant
  • Wide range of colors and patterns

You fireplace is the central element for a living room, great room or den. Everything else is positioned in relationship to it. It makes sense (and $$) to let that focal point be as attractive as possible to create a powerful impression on everyone that sees it. Professionally installed granite fireplace mantels deliver a sense of solid comfort, security and warmth to the room like nothing else and offer definite benefits over traditional wood or man made material mantel pieces.

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, granite mantels and fireplace surrounds fit and enhance nearly any color scheme. They won't suffer the effects of heat and age like metal or wooden mantels. Granite doesn't rust, rot or warp and a stray spark from the fireplace won't start a fire if it lands on it.

Granite is a good choice for financial reasons, too. A granite fireplace mantel will keep the same beautiful look for decades with little more maintenance than a regular dusting with a damp cloth. The value it adds to your home will remain and could even increase over time. If you are planning to upgrade your home, it makes dollars and sense to begin with a beautiful professionally installed granite mantel.