Easy Guide to Fireplace Insert Features

A traditional fireplace might seem like it is heating your house well enough. However, whether your fireplace uses wood, wood pellets, coal, or gas, it might be wasting energy. A roaring fire will suck warm air out of a room, and release it through the chimney, all while creating a draft due to the moving air. However, there is no need to stop using your fireplace, as they are an attractive and comforting way to warm your home. A fireplace insert is the best solution, so you can keep using that wood-fire during the cold months.

What is a Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert features a firebox, surrounded by a shell of steel or cast-iron. As the fireplace heats up, this firebox stores heat and circulates it through the room. They can also come fitted with special blowers that help to move warm air around.

Common Fireplace Insert Features

  • Flame Adjustments

This is one of the most useful features of fireplace inserts. They can be installed with systems for controlling how high burns. However, not all fireplaces can use these.

  • Direct-Vent

A direct-vent fireplace insert will push exhaust up the chimney, as long as you have a functional chimney. If you do not, a vent-free fireplace insert is the best option. These can be installed where there is no chimney, or if it is no longer functional. The benefit of vent-free inserts is that they do not lose heat by venting exhaust.

  • Thermostat

This gives a temperature reading for the fireplace.

  • Fan or Circulator

Fireplace inserts usually have a system that circulates air, and they are not always fans. A bigger circulator will increase how far warm air can be pushed into you house. Smaller homes do not require such large systems.

  • Fireplace Controls

Convenient controls for fireplaces that are not powered by wood or pellets. This is where the heat-source can be manually adjusted.

In addition to the features of a fireplace insert, consider how it will look. The viewing area will become an integral part of your home, as friends and family gather to enjoy the warmth, and each other's company. Style does not impact the function of a fireplace, but it certainly has an impact on the people in your home. Reading Rock+CCL Installation Services. of Pickerington, Ohio would be happy to assist you in choosing a perfect fireplace insert.