Exploring the Types of BBQ Grills

Having cookouts can fun and a way to spend quality time with the most important people in your life. It’s also a good excuse to enjoy the outdoors. Many people enjoy the fabulous flavors originating from a barbecue grill. Grills come in many different looks, designs, and styles. They also come with many different options. So what are the differences in grills?

Barbecue grills are available in the most common options of propane and charcoal. You can also choose natural gas grills if you have a supply to the house.  Charcoal grills have their own distinct flavor in foods and there are many options to enhance the flavor, like wood chips, flavor blocks, and smoked charcoal briquettes.

Propane grills usually run off of 5 gallon propane tanks that are refillable at your local store or supplier. They can be hooked up on larger tanks, but are designed to hold a 5 gallon tank on their underside. Propane grills have that flame broiled flavor to food and allow you full control over temperature by reducing or increasing the flame level. When it comes to propane grills, they have options for lava rocks to distribute heat better and multi-level cooking grates for different levels of cooking like your stove in the kitchen. They usually have a heat plate over the flames to also help prevent flaming food and to distribute heat better.

Natural gas grills allow you to hook up your gas supply to the grill and you never have to worry about running out of gas or replacing the tank. Features are very similar to propane grills, but the natural gas burns a little different so if you are used to cooking with propane, you may need to adjust. No matter, you get the advent age of the cost saving for using natural gas over propane. In addition, you don’t pay for the tank that holds the gas like you do with propane.

When it comes to grills, propane, natural gas, and even charcoal have their own distinct performance and benefits. It’s just a matter of what suits you best and then you can go shopping from there.