Exploring the Types of Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace can offer all the warmth, comfort, and ambiance of a conventional wood-burning fireplace. They have many benefits, including: ease of use, convenience, and affordability. With an assortment of styles, designs, and sizes, there is a gas fireplace for nearly every home in the US.  

Types of gas fireplaces 

  • Built-in Gas Fireplaces

These are designed for installation where there is no existing masonry or brick fireplace. They can be backed up to a wall or inserted into a wall opening and then framed with standard building materials. There are two types:

  • Vent-less units

They monitor your home’s oxygen levels using sensors that are built into the logs, which eliminate the need for a ventilation chimney. They are certified for home use by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) though they may not get rid of all combustion byproducts from inside your home.  

  • Direct-vented units

Unlike vent-less units, they allow combustion byproducts, such as smoke, exhaust and other pollutants, to escape the home interior via a chimney, the home’s roof, or a pipe scaling the wall. They can be installed in any part of the home without being necessarily close to a chimney. 

  • Gas Inserts

They offer a convenient and cost effective way to transform an existing wood-burning fireplace to gas. The inserts fit into the existing home fireplace and utilize its chimney, which is a great solution for fireplaces that do not function properly due to damage or safety issues. The inserts are connected to your home’s gas lines and ignited through a push button, or can be fueled with a propane tank placed outside your home. 

  • Free-Standing Stoves

They are a great and attractive option for all kinds of homes. They have a variety of venting options, so you can install them almost anywhere in your home. They are supplied with a gas pipe for power, and have all walls exposed to the room for more heat generation. 

  • Gas Logs

These a decorative, open flame-type appliance comprising a metal frame supporting simulated vented logs places in a masonry fireplace. They offer less heating capability compared to the others. 

Gas fireplaces can be turned on/off with the turn of a thermostat, flick of a switch, or with a convenient remote control, but perhaps their most appealing feature is how much their fire resembles that of real wood, in terms of looks and performance. If you are in the Pickerington, Ohio area, visit Rock+CCL for all your fireplace needs.