Gas Fireplaces vs. Wood Fireplaces

1786506-cozy-home-fireplace-040214-652Gas fireplaces have several benefits over a traditional wood burning fireplace. While many factors might be noticeable, others may be more subtle. Gas fireplaces lack the realism of a wood fireplace, but with additional features gas fireplaces are usually realistic enough. Reading Rock+CCL Installation Services, Ohio would be happy to go over all your option and assist you in purchasing a fireplace for your home. Here are a few reasons why gas fireplaces are a good choice:

Appearance and Aroma 

Nothing matches a true wood burning fireplace.The normal crackling and popping of the burning wood, along with the sweet, severe aroma of a wooden fire triggers a heartwarming sensation. While gas fireplace lack the live action of a wooden burning fireplace a gas fireplace is safer to use.

The Fire 

Since a gas fireplace doesn’t require electricity, gas burns at a small price in comparison central heat. While firewood is can be costly, wood can also be found free. Nevertheless fumes can be harmful, and the gradually dying flames leave embers sizzling for several hours which cause a fire hazard. However, a gas fire can burn until that is turned off, and will easily cool down until the next moment it is needed.

Simplicity of use

Simplicity of use must be mentioned as well. Several gas fireplaces maintain a standing up pilot similar to gas stoves and heaters. Most gas fireplace utilizesa button to be pressed or even a knob to be rotated; you can control the height of the fire as well as warmth emitting from the fireplace instantly. By contrast, it is harder to control a traditional wood fireplace.