Gel Fuel Fireplaces

Gel fuel fireplaces are an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional log fire. They are also a great alternative to electric fires, as gel fuel fireplace (unlike the electric fire) uses a real flame giving that authentic and homey touch. Gel fuel fireplaces do not produce smoke or soot, meaning that you will not need to install a chimney or a flue into your living space when you get one of these kinds of fireplace.

A small amount of water vapor and a minimal amount of carbon dioxide are produced when gel fuel is used, so make sure to install your fireplace in a room with natural ventilation (a small window is enough!).

A gel fuel fireplace gives off roughly the same amount of heat as an electric heater of comparable size, but is so much more versatile! Whether you choose a gel fuel fireplace that replicates the classic look and feel of a log fire, or something a little more contemporary such as a wall hanging fireplace with gel fuel, these alternative sources of heat and light will revolutionize your home.

The fuel in gel fuel fireplaces is a form of denatured ethanol, meaning that it is very safe to use in domestic spaces. The ethanol is derived from a mixture of maize and isopropyl. You can get really creative with your gel fuel if you wish. For example, there are plenty of types of gel fuel on the market with gorgeous scents and delightful colors.

Try citronella gel fuel for a gel fuel fireplace that is going to be used outside (for instance in a patio area for entertaining on summer nights), as it will provide a natural insect repellent. Or, pick a gel fuel with your favorite essential oil added to it to perfume your home as you heat it gently.