Heat Your Home with a Wood Stove and Reduce Your Heating Bills


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Reduce Your Heating Bill with Todays EPA Certified Wood Stoves

-Fuel costs are on the rise, and wood remains one of the cheapest fuels available.  With the increased efficiency in todays wood stoves, they remain one of the most cost effective heating methods available on todays market.

-Todays consensus is that wood heat costs approx. $5-$9 per million BTU(british thermal unit).  Compare this to the average cost of electric heating, approx. $13-$15 per million BTU's or natural gas at $11-$13 per million BTU's.  The savings are cut and dried.  That does not even take into account the use of free wood.  Have a dead tree laying around?  Did a tree get knocked down in your yard or neighborhood during the last storm?  Get out there and turn this wood into lower costs for wood heating.  If you are willing to do the work and have a storage place for it, a wood stove can reduce your heating bills to zero!


The Environmentally Friendly Heating Option

While geothermal and solar heating options are the most environmentally friendly heating systems, both of these systems can be costly and require installation throughout your home.  Wood burning stoves make use of a renewable and sustainable heating source, trees.  EPA wood stoves are also carbon neutral for the most part.  That is burning wood releases about the same amount of carbon dioxide as the tree consumed while living. 


Make Your Family Room a Gathering Area Again

In todays age it is hard to get the family together, we are all going in our seperate ways and leading our own lives.  With a new wood stove you can have a chance to get your family time back and you can enjoy the ambiance and heat from your new wood stove together.  The soft crackle and pop of your wood burning stove is right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.  Your wood stove can become your focal point and gathering area for your family or for a night alone.  For your personal enjoyment put the kids to bed, make a pot of tea, and cuddle up on your couch with a good book.  Heck you can even make your pot of tea on your wood stove.  Your wood stove can bring the FIRE back into your romance with your significant other. 


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