How to Properly Clean Your Fireplace

The fireplace comes in handy during the cold seasons. However, besides arranging the firewood and lighting it up, few of us do the cleaning. If we do, it is not as thorough as we clean other sections of our homes. Most of the time we just ignore the fireplace in our cleaning schedule or in the worst case scenario, we do not know how to clean the fireplace. Well, this procedure will show you how to clean your fireplace.

The first thing to do is to protect your furniture and yourself from the toxic substances that come from the fireplace. Wearing protective clothing like old garments and rubber gloves on your hands is good to go. Besides that, cover everything else in the room where the fireplace is located with plastic paper.

After preparing yourself, check if the ashes and pieces of wood in the fireplace are still hot because you do not want to burn yourself in the process. You can do this by passing your hand over it to feel any warmth in that area. Then take out the andirons and grate.

The next step is to start cleaning from top to bottom. In this sequence, check for soot in the chimney. At this point, you will have to bend inside the fireplace and look straight up for some sticky and black deposits dangling above you. Eliminate it immediately with a long brush.

A combination of brushes will be used to scrub the walls and the barbecue grills. These brushes will be dipped continuously in a mixture of warm water with soap or baking soda or vinegar. The circular metal chimney brush will be used for the walls and the chimney, while the wire brush or a heavy nylon brush will be used for the barbeque grills.

Rinse the surfaces with a rag or a towel using very clean water after scrapping. Leave it to dry as you go wash andirons and grate with the wire brush using our previous solution. After everything dries up fit everything correctly back to the fireplace. Now you have a clean fireplace.