Maintaining Your Gas BBQ Grill

Cookouts can be tons of fun with family and/or friends. They also provide delicious food that everyone can enjoy. But all of that depends on the quality of your grill. Leftover grease and dirt or debris can alter the flavors drastically. If someone burnt a piece of paper in the grill, it would affect the food’s flavor, just like old grease would. Regardless, destroyed grease traps, clogged and rusted burners, corroded or damaged heat plates, bent or damaged cooking grills, and many other issues can hinder your chef abilities, as well as the quality of food. It could be time for a new BBQ grill if it doesn’t perform like it should. Here is some guidance on maintaining your grill for best efficiency and results.

  1. Clean Before and After Use: Grab the grill brush and scrape/brush the cooking grill surface clean before use. You don’t want any old grease or anything else that has clinged on to it to get into your food, whether by flavor alterations or actually getting in the food.
  2. Routinely clean out the Bottom: You want to empty the piles of fallen food, grease, dirt, or other debris from the bottom of the grill to enhance your foods flavor and to prevent fires. If the grease catcher opening is clogged, the grease could pile up and catch fire!
  3. Wash the Outside Periodically: If you let Mother Nature build up on your grill’s exterior surface, it can lead to rust and corrosion. It can also fade of chip the paint off of the surface. Even if you have a grill cover; you still want to periodically clean the outside of it. Moisture and living creatures can get inside of there.
  4. Control Movement: Your grill is designed to be stationary. The more it gets moved, the more things can go wrong. This is especially true if the grill is on rough ground, like grassy areas. Bolts can get loosened, thin metal parts can get bent, paint can chip, legs can bend, etc. It is ok to move every now and then, but if you do it on a regular basis, you are providing wear and tear on your grill that can create problems or reduce the grill’s life span.
  5. Paint Your Grill: This is really not mandatory, but who wants to show everyone a well-aged grill that looks like it is on its last lap. There is nothing like cooking on a rust bucket. They make paint specifically designed for outdoor grills that can handle high levels of heat and weather. Even if your grill doesn’t look that bad, you can bring it new life!