Maintaining Your Outdoor Grill

1791648-meat-on-barbecue-040214-1486Without a doubt, outdoor grilling is one of the highlights of summertime. Even ordinary foods seem to taste better when cooked on the grill, regardless of whether your grill is gas or charcoal.Reading Rock+CCL Installation Services, Ohio would be happy to assist you in finding a grill to meet your summertime cooking needs. Once you do, or if you already own one, the following tips will help you keep your grill performing at its peak. It is usually best to start with the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning, but here are a few tips:

Charcoal Grill Maintenance Tips

Failing to routinely clean up the ashes will make it pile up and create a mess.

 How to remove the ashes

  • Let your grill to cool completely
  • Next remove grates from the grill's inside
  • If the grill has an ash catcher, ensure that you have cleaned it after you have removed the ashes.

For a charcoal grill, rust is a biggest enemy. Use spray-on oven cleaner on the grate as well as the inside of your grill. The cleaning product that you use must be safe for all the surfaces of the grill, so ensure to check the label.

Cleaning Process

  • Spray cleaner on grate surface
  • Allow to soak in order to loosen grease and cooked on food
  • Rinse well
  • Wash thoroughly using water and dishwashing detergent.
  • Rinse and dry with a cloth or paper towel
  • For the outer part of the grill all you need is warm solution of water and detergent as well as a non-abrasive cloth. After that, rinse off and wipe it to dryness.

Gas Grill Maintenance Tips

  • Check to ensure that there are no blockages or leaks. Ensure that you have turned off your grill after use and that it completely cools down.
  • Check the burner as well as gas supply tubes to ensure that all grease buildup, spider webs are removed and there are no rusted areas. Clean these areas by following the cleaning instructions as set out by the manufacturer.

Cleaning Process

  • Clean your gas grill every time after use by turning it on high and then allowing it to 'cook' for 10-15 minutes with lid closed.
  • Turn your grill off and allow it to cool slightly.
  • Use brass bristle brush to loosen the residue.
  • Once grill is totally cool, wipe both the inside and the outside surfaces using a soft piece of cloth and soapy, warm water.
  • Rinse it and then dry off.

Simply put, maintenance of a grill is achieved by cleaning it regularly. Also, replace or fix any faulty parts immediately after you discover them. Proper maintenance is sure to extend the life of your grill as well as its working.