Things to Consider When Buying a Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace can add a beautiful touch to your home, but there are things to consider before having a gas fireplace installed. After all, the unit will be permanently mounted into your home and you need to be sure of what you truly want before installing one. A fireplace installer may offer you suggestions or push a certain model, but it is your decision and knowing the details will guide you to getting the right one.

For starters, you need to decide on whether you want a natural gas fireplace or a propane gas fireplace. Propane fireplaces require a tank and the size will depend on how often you use the fireplace. The tank can be stored anywhere and if you have a large propane tank placed outdoors or use propane as a supply to the home, it can be hooked up to it. Natural gas is common in many home and used for heating or hot water tanks. It is a cheaper gas to use, but burns faster than butane and the fireplace can tap right into the supply to the home.

Second, you need to decide whether you want a natural vent, direct vent, or a vent-free fireplace. Some states ban vent-free fireplaces so you need to check your local codes and regulations. Vent-free fireplaces are easier to install because they simply hang on the wall or mount to the floor and hook up to the gas supply and offer great efficiency. Direct vent fireplaces vent to the outside and often have dual options for compatibility that includes top and rear venting capabilities. The advantage of direct vent fireplaces is that they bring in fresh air from outside and can mount right into the wall to add beauty and elegance without taking up space. Natural vent fireplaces use a chimney and the combustion by-products get vented up through the chimney while the air in the home is heated up. These models also get mounted into the wall and save a lot of space while adding that traditional beauty of a wood-burning fireplace.

Third, you need to decide on the materials and design of the gas fireplace. For externally mounted fireplaces, there really isn’t too many design options other than color and size, but they do offer various looks in design. In-wall mounted fireplaces provide options like masonry structures or metal structures. You can also choose double-sided fireplaces that work in a wall with views for both sides for two rooms. Aside from those options, you can choose from ceramic wood or cement logs. Some also add stone to the décor and glass designs to choose from.

Many fireplaces have dual burners and some have options for glow only if you want the appeal without needing any heat. Some also offer remote control capabilities and variable flame heights.

These elements are important because once you have a fireplace installed; it can be a challenge to replace it if not satisfied. Therefore choosing wisely will bring the results you desire and the looks you need to accent your room or rooms.