Where Should Your Wood Stove Go?

If you are looking to have a wood stove installation done, you need to think about some factors required to do determine the best location.

Wood stoves are best in larger rooms somewhere within the middle area of the house if possible. This allows the heat to distribute more efficiently and effectively.

Placement of the wood burning stove needs to be 3 feet away from any flammable materials like sofas, chairs, walls, curtains, etc. for safety purposes. Nevertheless, there are wall options that allow a closer perimeter that includes heat shields installed on the walls around the burner. However, they need about 1 inch of space out from the wall. Air needs to be able to flow behind the shield. With that in mint, it needs to be over an inch off the floor too.

The biggest thing to consider is how you will place the stove around everything else in the room and still look good. Burners get hot, so space is definitely important. When inserting wood into the burner, you may encounter escaping coal ashes that are hot so you need to take that into consideration as well. Nothing can be on the burner and nothing should have the potential to fall into or lean towards the stove. These are important things to think about when preparing for your wood stove installation.