Why You Need To Protect Your Wicker Furniture during the winter

4997 101413 gs4997While you enjoy yourself breathing in a soothing breeze outdoors during the fall, you may fail to note that it’s time to prepare for the oncoming chilling winter. Among the things that you need to prepare for adequately during the winter include you outdoor wicker furniture. To prolong the lifespan of your wicker furniture during the winter where freezing rain and cold weather threatens your coolest wicker pieces, consider the following three basic steps.

Clean Your Wicker Furniture

The first thing which should come to mind whenever you want to protect your outdoor furnishings like wicker furniture is that you need to clean them up. To get rid of surface dirt and debris, vacuum the furniture thoroughly.

Although they can be hosed down, it usually takes time to dry. Use a mixture of dish soap and warm water to wipe down the furniture using a soft cloth. Use a small brush to get into small cracks/crevices. Use wood soap and warm water to clean up those areas having wooden parts. Ensure that your wicker furniture is completely dry before you store it to prevent growth of mold or mildew.

By thoroughly cleaning your wicker furniture, it will also look much better in your outdoor living space when spring arrives. If you need new outdoor patio furnishings, Reading Rock+CCL Installation Services in Pickerington, OH has what you need. They offer more than just indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

Apply Lemon Oil

There’s a need to protect your wicker furniture’s natural finish. Using a soft cloth, apply a light coat of lemon oil. Water and stain repellents such as lemon oil will not only foster the lifespan of your wicker furniture but also improve the beauty of your furniture. It helps prevent water from soaking into the furniture by quick evaporation of moisture within the wooden parts. This protects your furniture from warping and weakening with time. 

Use a Water Resistant Cover

When you’re not using your wicker furniture, consider storing them indoors or cover them with a heavy-duty fabric to ensure that they don’t come into contact with water. The water-resistant cover should fit tightly over the furniture. 

It’s good to protect your wicker furniture during winter to not only foster their longevity but also to prolong their aesthetic beauty.